Geographical and administrative obstacles have become obsolete for 21st century businesses. The development of means of transport, international trade agreements and the technological modernization of the means of communication are not enough to speed up sales processes if we cannot count on a partner who can provide us with a concrete and efficient solution to each challenge that a new customer or market presents to us.

Transerra Angola, part of the Serra Group, is your trusted partner for the Angolan market.

The centrality of its organizational structure is one of the determining factors of its success. Its headquarters in Luanda are physically located in the heart of the largest seaport, the most important airport and the main railway line in the country.

Its organizational model, which places the client at the center of its innovation process, its ethics, its dynamism and pro-activity, is the most decisive value of its success. In addition to this, it is also rigorous in its work processes, as well as in the establishment of a network of partners with whom it shares the same level of demand.

Created in 2014, with exclusively Angolan capital, Transerra Angola is a company specialized in logistics and customs clearance of all types of goods. Its team, with around 40 employees, is dedicated daily to finding the best solutions for its customers.

In 2018, it was responsible for more than 1,000 processes corresponding to around 4,000 containers.

From the point of origin to the place of destination, your goods are on us.