Angola is an extensive country of more than 1,200,000 square kilometers, organized into 18 Provinces.

Its territory arises from a coastal plain that stretches from Luanda to Namibia and then rises on a large plateau.

It represents a market with almost 30 million potential consumers that are organized in one of the most important states of the region.

The diversity of its territory, the uniqueness of its inhabitants and the enormous potential for growth of the country makes it a very attractive market for the establishment of firm and lasting business.

The Serra Group, headquartered in Luanda, is made up of exclusively Angolan capital and mainly employs national collaborators. It is a group that represents the quality and growth potential of the Angolan business both in its national dimension and in its international projection.

Created in 2018, it's the confirmation of the great growth of the company Transerra Angola and of its reference position in the Angolan market. In addition, it is also - with the creation of the company Serra Retail - the starting point for the expansion and diversification of its business.

Nowadays, the Serra Group is in great expansion, both in its size and turnover, and in its implantation in the territory.

Its success, growth and consolidation are based on the control of processes, on the careful management of its resources and, above all, on the confidence that its customers find in each aspect of the business.

Understanding and assuming the client's point of view, with all its specificities, is what allows us to be more effective, more efficient and to design the best solutions with the support of the best partners.

Grupo Serra is, at every step, a reliable and safe partner.