The company Serra Retail, created in 2018, represents the growth and expansion potential of the Serra Group's business. Its business is based on the quality of the work team and on the company's deep knowledge of the Angolan market, as well as its growth potential.

It is a company that manages a portfolio of representations and was, in a short time, able to demonstrate its ability to think, plan and implement solid and consolidated strategies capable of structuring the presence of a brand in the Angolan market.

It currently represents the PARFOIS brand in Angola: a Portuguese brand created in 1994 with more than 1000 stores in more than 73 countries with an annual growth of 24%.

Through the hand of Serra Retail, it has already opened three stores in Luanda, forecasting the opening of two more in 2020 as well as the first in the Provinces.

Its representation portfolio also includes the INGLOT Cosmetics brand.