Customs clearance consists of a set of legal procedures necessary for the entry of a product or goods at the borders of the national territory. It requires an in-depth knowledge not only of legal aspects, but also of procedural aspects, about the current regulations and their updates.

The growing ease of communication, the opening of new markets and new commercial territories allows companies to expand their client portfolio and the scope of their business.

However, this ease of communication between companies and clients does not yet go beyond the specific regulations of each country, which, in a sovereign way, establish the rules for the entry of goods into their borders.

The success of these procedures begins long before the goods arrive in the 'country of destination'. It involves fundamental planning and preparation so that the process is fast and involves as little cost as possible.

Transerra Angola has extensive experience in the Angolan market that will help you face this process not as an obstacle, but as a relationship with a reliable partner that participates in your business with the same commitment and mission of purpose.